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Unlocking Financial Potential: Gain expert advice, strategic guidance, and maximize returns with Money Matrix Invest industry knowledge, network, and deal structuring expertise.

Money Matrix offers a simple and smart approach to help you achieve your financial goals. We believe in cutting through the complexities and providing you with straightforward investment strategies tailored to your needs. Our user-friendly platform and intuitive tools make investing a breeze

At Money Matrix, your investments are in the hands of experienced professionals. Our team of expert advisors has a deep understanding of the financial markets and a track record of successful investment management. With their knowledge and expertise, you can trust that your investments are being handled with care.

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness when it comes to investing. Money Matrix is committed to providing you with competitive fees and transparent pricing structures. We optimize your portfolio to minimize costs while maximizing returns, ensuring that you get the most out of your investments without breaking the bank.

With Money Matrix, you don't need to go anywhere else. We offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions, all under one roof. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, we have the tools, resources, and expertise to meet your investment needs. From asset allocation to risk management, we've got you covered.

Portfolio Management Service

Welcome to our portfolio management services! We specialize in creating customized investment solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our selection of experienced professionals uses a disciplined investment approach to help minimize risk and maximize returns. With a focus on transparency and communication, we strive to provide exceptional service and value to our clients

Let us help you navigate the complexities of the market and build a strong investment portfolio.

Company Open Date Close Date Lot Size Issue Price Cost of 1 Lot
IKIO Lighting Limited IPO 06 Jun 23 08 Jun 23 52 Shares ₹ 285 ₹ 14820
Nexus Select Trust REIT 09 May 23 11 May 23 150 Shares ₹ 100 ₹ 15000
Mankind Pharma Limited IPO 25 Apr 23 27 Apr 23 13 Shares ₹ 1080 ₹ 14040
Avalon Technologies Limited IPO 03 Apr 23 06 Apr 23 34 Shares ₹ 436 ₹ 14824
Udayshivakumar Infra Limited IPO 20 Mar 23 23 Mar 23 428 Shares ₹ 35 ₹ 14980

Upcoming IPOs

If you’re looking to invest in a company that’s about to go public, our IPO services can help you get in on the ground floor. We provide expert advice and guidance on the process, as well as access to exclusive investment opportunities.

With our help, you can take advantage of one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative investment opportunities available today. Contact us to learn more about our IPO services and how we can help you invest with confidence.

Mutual Fund

Our service specializes in helping clients make informed decisions when investing in mutual funds. With our expert advice, we guide clients through the entire investment process, from choosing the right funds to monitoring their performance.

Our goal is to help clients achieve their financial objectives and make their money work for them. Trust us to provide personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs and risk tolerance. Invest confidently with our service.

Unlisted Shares

Self Managed Investment

Self Managed Investing Choose from a wide range of products for cash and margin trading, across global markets. Whatever you trade, get what you need to make confident decisions from advanced tools, trading inspiration and market research. Whatever you trade, get what you need to make confident decisions from advanced tools, trading inspiration and market research. GET STARTED

Our Products

Spot an Opportunity & Seize it

Equity Broking

As an Equity Broking service provider, we are committed to providing you with the best possible investment solutions. Our team of experienced professionals keeps a close eye on the ever-changing market trends and provides you with the latest insights and analysis. We work with you to understand your financial goals and develop a tailored investment plan to help you achieve them. Our strong relationships with leading financial institutions and investment firms ensure that you have access to a wide range of investment options. We strive to provide you with personalized attention and support to help you make informed investment decisions.

Equity and Debt Raising

At our Equity and Debt Financing service, we aim to help businesses achieve their growth objectives by providing customized funding solutions. Our experienced team of professionals has a deep understanding of the financial markets and is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financing goals. Whether you are seeking equity or debt financing, we can help you navigate the complexities of the market and identify the best funding options for your business. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our solutions accordingly. With our guidance and support, you can achieve your financing goals and take your business to the next level.


As a provider of services for creating and buying an NBFC, we have extensive experience in navigating the regulatory and compliance requirements of the financial services industry. Our team of experts can guide you through the process of creating and acquiring an NBFC, from obtaining the necessary licenses and registrations to developing the right business model and strategy. We offer end-to-end support, from initial due diligence to post-acquisition integration, to help ensure a smooth transition and maximize the value of your investment. With our deep knowledge and expertise, we can help you establish a successful and sustainable NBFC that meets your business objectives.

IPO and Pre IPO funding

As a leading provider of Pre-IPO and IPO funding services, we specialize in helping companies access capital markets and achieve their growth objectives. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of the IPO process and has extensive experience in pre-IPO financing and Allocation. We work closely with our clients to assess their funding needs, develop a comprehensive strategy, and connect them with potential investors. From preparing the company for the IPO to managing the offering process, we provide end-to-end support to ensure a successful and efficient fundraising journey. With our expertise and network, we can help you unlock the full potential of your business through pre-IPO and IPO funding.

Compliance and Consultancy

As a provider of Compliance services for Public Limited Companies, we are committed to helping our clients comply with regulatory requirements and best practices. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards to ensure that our clients remain compliant. We provide end-to-end support, from assessing compliance risks and developing a compliance framework to implementing and monitoring compliance programs. Our goal is to help our clients mitigate risks, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect their reputation. With our expertise and guidance, you can be confident that your Public Limited Company is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund is a company that acquires money from investors and invests money in securities including short-term debt, bonds and stocks. Investing in mutual funds can help you build wealth, minimize risk, and achieve financial goals with the expertise of professional fund managers. With low investment requirements, mutual funds are accessible to all investors. Start exploring the exciting world of mutual funds and take control of your financial future today.


Algo trading, also known as algorithmic trading, is a method of executing trades using pre-programmed instructions. These instructions are based on various factors such as price, volume, and timing. It allows for automated and fast-paced trading, taking advantage of market opportunities that may be difficult for manual trading.

2. The minimum capital size required for Algo trading is typically around INR 50,000. However, it is important to note that the actual capital requirement may vary based on the trading strategy, risk appetite, and market conditions. Is Algo trading safe?

3. Algo trading can be considered safe as long as proper risk management measures are in place. The risk in Algo trading is predefined and limited to what is predetermined by the trading strategy. It is advisable for a serious Algo trader to regularly monitor and evaluate the strategy’s performance and take necessary actions if required.

4. Yes, you can open an Algo trading account online. Many brokers and financial institutions provide online platforms and services specifically designed for Algo trading. These platforms offer convenience and accessibility for traders to execute automated trades.

5. We charge INR 500 for every 2 strategies implemented. This fee covers the cost of strategy development, customization, and ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and profitability.

6. Algo trading can be tailored to suit both intraday and carry forward positions. A mix of intraday and carry forward positions can provide flexibility and cater to different trading styles and objectives. It is recommended to have a minimum capital of INR 2 lakhs to effectively execute such strategies.

7. Algo trading has the potential to be profitable when implemented with a well-designed and tested strategy. However, profitability depends on various factors, including market conditions, strategy selection, risk management, and proper execution. It is important to have realistic expectations and continually monitor and adapt strategies to maximize profitability.

8. While programming skills can be advantageous for advanced customization, you do not necessarily need programming skills to engage in Algo trading. Many platforms offer user-friendly interfaces that allow traders to design and implement strategies using pre-built components and visual tools.

9. Like any form of trading, Algo trading involves certain risks. These may include technical failures, market volatility, execution risks, and strategy performance. It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the risks involved and implement risk management strategies to mitigate potential losses.

10. Yes, most Algo trading platforms provide backtesting capabilities. Backtesting allows you to simulate your trading strategy using historical market data to evaluate its performance and make necessary adjustments. It is an essential step to validate the effectiveness of your strategy before deploying it in live trading.

11. Margin Trade Funding is a financial service that allows traders to borrow funds from a broker or financial institution to increase their buying power in the stock market. It enables traders to take larger positions than what their available capital would allow, thus potentially amplifying their returns (or losses) on investments.

12. Availing Margin Trade Funding is a straightforward process. Simply contact us and open an account with our firm. Our team will guide you through the necessary documentation and requirements to facilitate your access to Margin Trade Funding.

13. Trading via Margin Trade Funding can be relatively safe when deploying low-risk option selling strategies. However, it is essential to exercise caution as other trading strategies may carry higher levels of risk. It is advisable to assess your risk tolerance and work closely with our experts to determine suitable trading approaches.

14. Margin Trade Funding offers several benefits, including increased buying power, potential for higher returns on investments, and the ability to take advantage of market opportunities that may require a larger capital base. It provides traders with greater flexibility and potential for enhanced portfolio growth.

15. While Margin Trade Funding can be advantageous, it is important to understand the associated risks. The use of borrowed funds amplifies both potential gains and losses. If the market moves against your position, you may be required to provide additional collateral or face a margin call. It is crucial to have a solid risk management strategy in place and ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions of Margin Trade Funding before engaging in such trading activities

16. While equity investments offer the potential for higher returns, they also carry a certain level of risk. However, by seeking advice from our experts, we can guide you in making informed investment decisions and help manage risk through proper portfolio diversification and risk management strategies.

17. Determining the composition of your equity portfolio depends on various factors such as your risk tolerance, investment goals, and time horizon. We recommend contacting us so that we can assess your unique circumstances and provide personalized guidance in building a suitable equity portfolio.

18. Beta measures a stock’s sensitivity to market movements. Low beta stocks tend to be less volatile and have a lower correlation with market fluctuations, while high beta stocks are more volatile and have a higher correlation with market movements. The choice between low beta and high beta stocks depends on your risk appetite and investment strategy.

19. Diversification is key to managing risk and achieving stable returns. We recommend dividing your investment portfolio among various asset classes such as equity, debt, ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), and other suitable investment instruments. This diversification can help mitigate risk and enhance the potential for consistent returns. We can assist you in creating a well-balanced and diversified investment portfolio.

C20. Risk mitigation in equity investments can be achieved through proper risk management techniques, such as diversification, regular portfolio monitoring, and having a long-term investment horizon. Additionally, seeking professional advice from our team can help you navigate market volatility, identify suitable investment opportunities, and implement risk management strategies tailored to your specific investment goals.

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